Director: Raymond Kim

Co-Directors: Aneza Dinanti Hakim, Khadiza Refry

In an age where all human beings are attached to an aspect of technology, it is unimaginable how much influence that we are receiving from international sources. This very fact enables us to see, exchange and imitate the growth of the outside world and thus, leads to the ever-growing effect of globalization. Globalization is an important phase in modernization, allowing people all around the world to have access to modern customs such as, major food brands, modern clothing, and foreign tools. By being able to acquire the benefits of globalization, many of the world's population is provided with ease to excel in modern living. However, negative impacts emerge towards many traditional cultures, as the younger generation tends to rely more on modern culture, the tradition have started to fade away.

Since the growth of international trades, an increase of cultural globalization occurs. Due to this, the countries are now subjected to using foreign goods and that leads to less interest on traditional culture. Without a doubt, cultural modernization has also brought technological development, resulting the dependency of children towards the internet and other forms of technology. Cultures change for reasons relating to the innate systemic risks of globalization, and it cannot be stopped. It is crucial to help sustain our native roots and you have the power to gather among nations to achieve a future with protected cultures. Join us in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization council, for you can can raise your voices to become the agents of change.

Director: Khalista Diva Estanto

Co-Directors: Dave Reynaldi, Sharifa Refry

There is no doubt that wars of the past have marked our world in persisting manners and have shaped the future that we know today. Technology, culture, science, and society are created and improved through the outcome of wars. Among all the unending wars of the fourteenth century, there was the greatest war of them all. A war that has pitted fathers against sons and brothers against brothers for 30 years from 1453 to 1485, just to solely gain control of the English throne, taking over 50,000 souls. It is the war that the world has come to know as the War of the Roses. Involving two great houses of the past, the House of York and the House of Lancaster, it created a lasting impact and changed the way we perceived the world. Named after the red rose of the House of Lancaster and the white rose of the House of York, it is the war that helped improve England’s political power and military prowess, but has also brought many devastating losses and catastrophes.

As delegates of the Historical Crisis Council, you will represent an important figure during the war. Starting in 1455, you have all the power to form new diplomatic relations to secure control over the throne or take it through systematic schemes and battles. History does not have to be set on a stone, and this time, it is up to you to change the course of history and create a better outcome for the future. Join us in this council and put your mark on the world.

Director: Bondan Waskitajati Nugroho

Co-Directors: Sharon Stephanie Wenas

The eyes of the population sees the world in a very particular lens, a scope that is primarily outlined by the press agency. The contribution of the media leads the community to have a better understanding over issues sprouting across the globe, thus securing collective information and reliability into the minds of the society. With the world facing meteoric issues and quarrels, it is important to once again give light to the significance of the Press Corps. In this council, delegates in the Press Corps will act as journalists that represent their respective news agency and form informative news articles and pieces to convey the quality of a debate to the entire HSMUN community.

As the main messengers of the happenings in other councils, delegates have the ability to make or break the subjects of their reports and possibly re-direct the course of a debate. Due to the unique role of the candidates, it is ensured that press delegates will obtain a pristine experience as well as a brand new approach on the world of MUN and its content. We invite those wishing to open the public’s eyes to talks of the world’s most heated topics to join Press Corps, for your words can raise the voice of even the quietest mouth.

Director: Benaya Yedija Taran

Co-Directors: Bryan Nicholas Santoso

Thirty years after the Battle Endor, the First Order reigns supreme, ousting the Resistance away to the outskirts of the galaxy. Following their successful assault on the First Order’s headquarters, the Resistance have successfully prevented their own destruction and more importantly, temporarily cease First Order’s continued reign of terror in the galaxy. However, a large portion of the First Order remains, posing as the biggest threat to achieving peace in the galaxy. With planets left destroyed across the galaxy and substantial damage done, there should be actions taken on those who are connected to the destruction of the Galactic Senate.

Although the higher ground remains in the hands of the First Order, the destruction of their headquarters have halted their agenda significantly. Now is the time to once again restore peace in the galaxy and you have the power to make it happen. The United Nations Special Session is hosting a conference of the remaining Galactic Senate in Earth. Do you have what it takes to once again bring back balance to the force and peace to the Galactic Senate? Join us in The United Nations Special Session: The Galactic Senate. What happens next is completely up to you. Raise your voice, raise diplomacy!

Director: Putri Adiva Zahira

Co-Directors: Alduri Asfirta Alsania Authari, Muhammad Rizaldi Tabrani

Bloodshed and explosions has become part of the daily lives of those who strive to survive in one of the poorest country in the world; Yemen, home to a tragic civil war. With escalating turmoil between Houthi & pro-Saleh forces and the Hadi government in war over their rights to govern as the administration, the country is devastated with political, economical, and humanitarian crisis. To make matters worse, nations from all over the world has included themselves to the side that favors their country’s interest, intensifying the strength of both opposing bloc. Simultaneously, the issue has also hindered US-led efforts to mitigate global threats imposed from exploitation of the current situation by powerful local Al-Qaeda affiliate in the area. Today, 70% of Yemenis are in need of serious aiding while the country is in dysfunctional operation.

The international community’s role to construct a resolution to the issue is heavily crucial not only for Yemen, but also for the global security as well. You have the power to address and end this catastrophe once and for all. Let us join the peacekeeping movement and be a pioneer to make a better world for our children's future. Come and be a part of the challenging United Nations Security Council! No more firearms, no more fighter jets, and no more bloodshed; it is time for the Yemenis to sleep.

Director: Kiara Laraisa

Co-Directors: Adika Cafaizi

Thousands of women including children, especially in Latin America and other developing nations, are being brutally murdered as their inferiority is believe to be the purpose of executing this sex-based hate crime. In an era where patriarchal system still exists, being defined by our gender is one thing, but being murdered for being a female- that’s pure cruelty. The act of femicide are being executed in order to achieve sexual gratification towards women or even having men racially motivated to kill women of a different race. Nonetheless all of it are done without any tolerance to the females themselves. Murdering females on account of their gender is not only a violation to the law, but also a transgression to human rights. Despite the countless measures of demonstrations, policy implications, and human rights resolutions, this issue would always be an urgent social challenge to resolve.

Here, your voice will be heard internationally and equally. As a UNHRC delegate, you are able to discuss and debate with other nations on this gender-based crime, and resolve national and international human rights issue. We are here to promote and protect all basic human rights to our members, with opportunities on ending heinous acts that violate our moral as a human being. This council brings back our value as a human being by raising our voice and diplomacy. Join us and partake United Nations Human Rights Council to end hate crimes, before it ends us.

Director: Auliya Pramesthya

Co-Directors: Nareswara Kalingga Murda, Patricia Angel Samperuru

The world is reaching its peak of population rates, and even as the world grows everyday, it does not flourish equally. Due to the unequal growth between the urban and rural areas, different groups of society form and live various lifestyles, causing significant inequality to their social and economical life. Those who live in urbanized areas tend to have a more advanced lifestyle compared to those in rural areas, due to the provision of resources which then influences the amount and momentum of the development in that particular area.

This situation forms a set of shortages of resources (financial nor daily needs), unprepared governance, environmental abasement, less biodiversity, and economic crisis. This will cause the lower class population to be forced to adapt to the situation, and development deficiency. With your voice, it is possible to achieve equal development around the world, helping rural areas to improve. Let’s overcome this condition in the United Nations Development Programme, turn your words into resolutions that shall support human development around the globe!